Week 6: Visit to Project Row Houses

Rick Lowe, Founder of Project Row Houses hosted us and gave an overview of his definition of social sculpture. Some interesting (paraphrased) comments that came out of this discussion are below.

• If it is argued that participatory art of the 1960s was politically charged, and today's relational art is often criticized as more about pleasure than politics, can PLEASURE be POLITICAL?

• The personal is political (Patrick).

• Reaching people individually can be equally as radical as reaching the masses. (Julia)

• Sharing personal narratives, and one-on-one interaction offers a more meaningful kind of engagement. (Nancy)

• The relationship with children [in the neighborhood] at PRH was important to Aisen's experience working there. (Aisen)

• [Referring to the ingenuity/creativity of people in Third Ward] Do the wealthy have the same need to innovate as those who make things out of necessity? (Keijiro)

• Why are children socialized from creativity to normalcy-- trained to be uncreative? (Sebastian)

• Does art have to be about something, or just be something? (Emily)

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