Weeks 1-3: Culture of the 1950s-60s, & the Manifesto

What was going on in the 1950s?
Suburban family ideals
Civil Rights Movement--Segregation is still common
The Cold War between Russia & US
Korean War
mainstream introduction of television
rock n roll
= the seeds of rebellion are planted

What was going on in the 1960s?
JFK in office
JFK is assassinated
Malcolm X assassinated
Martin Luther King assassinated
Robert F. Kennedy assassinated
Followed by Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon
The countercultural movement was born
Rise of equal rights, feminism, gay & lesbian rights
Civil Rights Act passed in 1964
Vietnam War
Black Panther Movement
The term HIPPY is born
Psychedelic drugs
Rock in the form of radical folk music: Bob Dylan, Joan Baez
= the seeds of collective action are planted

Assignment 2: Write your own art manifesto. Use the Fluxus Manifesto by George Maciunas and the various iterations of the DADA Manifesto as research models for form and content.


JuliaInTheRye said...

I really want a copy of everyone's manifesto! Can we make a zine out of them or something??

sebasf said...

hey...I scanned the manifestos but couldnt figure out/still dont have access to this blog so I posted them here: http://sebastianforray.blogspot.com/