Art Project!

Hey everyone,

Its me! Julia!

So I was thinking about our class and I remembered some 'art' that involved participation that me and my friends used to do in high school. Remember these notebooks?

We would write our first name at the beginning next to a number or symbol, then on each page there would be a question or activity to complete (next to our number.

So I was thinking.... I should definitely make a new notebook that our class to participate in.

So I would really really really love it if you could give me some suggestions for questions or activities to put on each page.... or if you can think of anything crazy to do with this idea.... So leave some comments here! Or let me know if you have any ideas in class.

Also, I keep an ART BLOG in which I talk and talk about my feelings and opinions on the things I am learning about art. I wrote this long, crazy ramble about participation and art the other day, and its got some interesting participation art related links in it. Also, I've been writing about my performance art experiences (in Elia's class) as well, so feel free to take a look and leave a comment if you feel like it.

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